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My Bio

A BFA in fine arts & art history, I was born to be an artist… or maybe to just be weird. I've been painting since I was 3 years old, painting with my mom on old pieces of drift wood we found on the beach. With a few accomplishments under my belt, I still consider myself a starving artist. I created and designed a privately owned tanning salon in Galveston, I've been an advertising and marketing designer for several local establishments as well as having my artwork on consignment in local galleries. My swing dance team was selected to perform in Australia for the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympics (not really art related but I think it's cool!). Now, my focuses are environmental and animal activism. Much of my artwork is mixed media using found objects to recycle into my paintings, jewelry and purses. As for my animal rights activism, I donate my artwork and time to the local shelter to help raise money and save lives. Volunteering at the animal shelter, I saw the worst of the worst that humans have done to animals. I've been active and supporting animal rights for 2 decades and in that time I also became a vegetarian, after seeing a Humane Society film on the torturous conditions in the US slaughter houses. I realized right then and there that My Job is to be the voice for the furry (and not so furry)... so that's what I do. 20% of my sales are donated to the Humane Society and PETA.

Samitha Hess